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Finding Relief for Diverticulitis through Diet

Finding Relief for Diverticulitis through Diet

AMP Floracel is a company that provides all natural treatment for Diverticulitis and knows that Diverticulitis is a serious medical condition that is characterized by inflamed pouches or diverticula in the lining of the large intestines. Diverticula develop when weak spots in the intestinal give way under pressure, which causes the intestines to protrude through the colonic wall. In most cases of Diverticulitis, the pouches are located in the lower intestines or colon and are extremely painful.

Diverticulitis is often age-related, usually occurring after the age of 40, but can go mostly unnoticed until later in life. On occasion, the Diverticula can become inflamed and/or infected and they may tear. Once diverticulitis begins, it may potentially cause serious health problems such as nausea, fever, abdominal pain, or bloody bowel movements.

When you or someone you know suffers from Diverticulitis, you will probably search for any sort of relief from Diverticulitis symptoms. AMP Floracel’s all natural, aloe-based supplements harness the healing aspects of the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide molecule to alleviate the symptoms of Diverticulitis by acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, aid in the absorption and digestion of essential nutrients, and nourish, soothe, and lubricate the gastrointestinal tract. AMP Floracel knows that the best treatment of Diverticulitis is through an active lifestyle and a healthy, well-maintained diet.

AMP Floracel suggests adopting a high fiber diet for finding relief for Diverticulitis. Fiber, which is found naturally in healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, will soften your body’s waste materials and allow for softer stool to pass through your intestines and colon quicker and easier, which reduces pressure in your digestive system.

Fiber rich foods include:

-Brown rice, quinoa, and whole grains

-Beans such as Lima and kidney beans


-Vegetables and vegetable juices


-Hot cereals such as oatmeal

AMP Floracel recommends taking their Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide supplement on a daily regimen to avoid a Diverticulitis attack. If you are experiencing an attack, the providers of the AMP Floracel supplement suggest adopting a clear liquid diet until your condition improves.

A clear liquid diet consists of:


-Ice chips

-Broth or stock

-Ice pops with finely chopped fruit or fruit puree


-Tea or coffee without any creamers or sweeteners

It is important to stay in contact with your doctor about your Diverticulitis condition and any symptoms that you are experiencing. Diverticulitis can remain dormant for long periods of time, but is still a chronic condition that you will be caring for, for a long period of time. If you notice that your symptoms are increasing, make sure to have a plan of action that will help reduce pain and discomfort, and maximize the ability to lead a normal everyday life.