Life With Diverticulitis – Diet and Lifestyle Tips

What is diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis is a digestive disease in which pouches (diverticula) form in the wall of the colon and become inflamed or infected. Doctors are not entirely sure what causes the formation of diverticula, but many suggest that a low-fiber diet plays a crucial role because lack of fibrous food pressures the colon to work harder than normal in order to push the stool forward. The weak areas of the colon are most prone to being affected, and if bacteria start to grow in the pouches, it can lead to inflammation or infection.

Interestingly enough, the pain was usually felt on the left side in most North American and European cases, whereas in Asia pain usually occurs on the right side. The disease becomes more frequent with age, and people aged over 50 are the most common demographic which suffers from diverticulitis.


Diverticulitis vs Diverticulosis – How are they Different?

Diverticulosis is a condition where multiple pouches or diverticula are being formed through weaknesses of muscle layers on the wall of the colon. They typically do not cause any symptoms.

However, when those pouches of colonic mucosa and submucosa become ruptured, inflamed or infected, then an individual develops Diverticulitis – a condition associated with abdominal pain of a sudden onset. The cause is poorly understood, but it is estimated that it is 40% due to genetics and 60% due to environmental factors.

Diverticular Disease Diet

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