Top Remedies Found in Forest Trees


A number of herbal remedies can be processed from trees that are common in America and you could find them in forests and even in your local area. Here are some of the top trees that have medicinal qualities:

  • Birch: If you have bladder issues, kidney problems, gout, or mouth sores then brewing tea from birch leaves can help soothe the problems. Also, skin rashes can be alleviated with a cool version of the same tea. Cancer and tumors can be fought with the sap from the tree and for moderate pain or headaches, you can chew on the birch twigs.
  • Pine: The pine needles and twigs have very high concentrations of Vitamin C, and therefore are used in herbal tea to fight the common cold and flu. Pine herbal tea can also reduce pain if you are suffering from throat problems.
  • Oak: Some say that the oak tree is the “tree of life.” The oak tree is used to make herbal tea that can help fight mucus discharge, diarrhea, and sore throats. Also, the tea brewed from oak tree leaves can be used to disinfect an area prior to a medical procedure.
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