Sniff, Sniff: Allergy Season

Allergy Season

Autumn ragweed season has fallen upon us early this year. This generally occurs from late summer to early fall due to ragweed shrubs releasing pollen into the air. All states in the US have ragweed.  You may find yourself with sneezing, nasal congestion, sinus headaches, itchy eyes, as well as coughing and wheezing. Asthma sufferers  may be agitated by this as well.

Sound familiar?

Here are some tips that may help you get some relief from this uncomfortable experience.

  • During these months, avoid any contact with shrubs growing by riverbanks, abandoned lots, and in wooded areas or grassy plains. You can identify Ragweed shrubs by their broad, deep-toothed leaves.  They tend to grow in clumps.
  • Opt to stay indoors when the count is high. Turn on the central air or air conditioning, making sure that doors and windows are closed.
  • Use the air conditioning system in your car as well to filter out pollen.
  • Watch the weather channel to track the pollen count.
  •  If you are a runner or walker try to do these after work; pollen counts are higher in the morning.
  • Vacationing abroad during these months may be an option, but research the area for its pollen count before purchasing tickets.
  • Avoid any dairy products, sugar and white flour as these tend to produce mucous.

Despite your best efforts, you may end up suffering from ragweed allergies anyway. Below are a couple suggestions for natural remedies that you may want to try to reduce symptoms.

  • Vitamin C and garlic are great for building up your immune system as well as warding off potential allergens. Raw garlic is best, but supplements are acceptable.
  • Raw onion can be consumed at the onset of sneezing. A tender nose, itchy throat, and eyes sensitivity to light are hay fever symptoms and said to respond well to this.

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