Sleep and Digestion

Not sleeping much?

Research has shown that people who do not get proper amount of zzz’s, do not have proper digestion as well.

How you can help yourself:Get more zz’s in. If you think your doing yourself a favor by staying up that extra hour or two to work from home, think again. Studies have found that individuals who wake up rested and work on there projects show alot more signs of beingHow to sleep better:

  • Keep the room as dark as possible
  • Change your sheets
  • Get on schedule ( try to set a time to go to sleep everyday)
  • Avoid food 2 hours before bed
  • Take a nice hot shower or bath before you go to sleep
  • Avoid caffeine products after 3pm
  • Sleep in silence, turn off the tv and the radio
  • Exercise

Sleeping Positions:

Sleep on Your Left Side

Some people claim to experience mild heartburn if they sleep on their right side, but this varies depending on the individual. Sleeping on your back may cause you to snore or to experience heart issues, such as sleep paralysis, during sleep. The average person spends approximately one third of his or her time asleep, so make sure you’re getting the correct amount of sleep and that the sleep you’re getting is beneficial and healing.
Add a pillow between your knees may also help aid digestion when sleeping on your side. If you must sleep on your back and are choosing to use a pillow, you can fold the pillow in half or use a body pillow, which is specially designed to provide more comfortable sleeping position.
Use a Towel to Raise Your Head

Raising your head can aid digestion and cut down on heartburn. Sometimes we want to lie on our back or side during sleep, but just one pillow isn’t enough. Adding a second pillow may put too much pressure on your neck or cause you to sleep unnaturally. Try folding a hand or a bath towel and placing the towel underneath your pillow. This may raise your head up enough to help without hurting your neck, shoulders or back. Play around with a folded or rolled up towel until you find a position that is right for you.

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