Pregnancy With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Can Be Easier

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) can be difficult to live with when conditions are comfortable, but being pregnant with the disease is a different story. Pregnancy with IBD can be hard, but it is by no means impossible, with help from a product like AMP Floracel the pregnancy may be that much easier. Here are a few testimonials from women who have had successful pregnancies even with the hard IBD symptoms.

Annie Richards, a mother who successfully had a child while suffering from IBD says women should not be put off from having a child because of the disease. However, she is worried about her child getting the disease even though the link has not been proven yet.

Surprisingly, pregnancy has been known to reduce the severity of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease symptoms. For example, Leah Price is 23 weeks into her pregnancy and the symptoms of IBD have actually gone into remission. However, as Leah explains it hasn’t been a smooth ride. She claims that the first 18 weeks were the hardest because of the sickness and migraines. Most of these days she was bed ridden, but these later weeks have finally started to get better.

Another thing to note is that post-pregnancy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease symptoms will typically flare up again. Therefore, plenty of trips to the doctor will need to be taken to monitor the situation. Each case is different so the chances of having a successful pregnancy do not necessarily depend on what other women have gone through.

There are many ways to help reduce your symptoms of IBD during pregnancy and we’re happy to offer a great, natural option for your treatment! Be sure to ask your doctor for more information and how AMP Floracel can be right for you.

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