What Are Natural Solutions for Bile Reflux?

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The condition known as bile reflux is one where a backup of bile accumulates in the stomach and esophagus. Bile is used by the human body to aid with the digestive process and is produced in the liver. The different ways to combat bile reflux are medication and, in more severe cases, surgery.

Here are the different ways that bile reflux can be combated using home remedies:

  1. Consume a good amount of apples and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Reduce the amount of stress you experience on a daily basis.
  3. Raise your bed.
  4. Reduce or completely remove alcohol from your life.
  5. Avoid problem foods such as pizza, chocolate, and fizzy drinks.
  6. Reduce the volume of fatty foods you eat.
  7. Once you finish your meal remain in an upright position.
  8. Reduce the size of your meals.
  9. Avoid smoking.

By implementing the above advice into your life you should see a decrease in the symptoms of bile reflux. These symptoms can include: weight loss, coughing, vomiting, nausea, heartburn and abdominal pain which can be severe. At AMP Floracel, we understand just how frustrating bile reflux symptoms can be. That’s why we strive to bring you the best relief, naturally.

Did you know that with regular intake of aloe vera supplements you can ease bile reflux?*

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease*

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