Mind Over Matter

Have you heard the expression mind over matter? I’ve heard this expression since I was a child.  My parents would say this to me if I had a challenging task at hand whether it was school work or chores.  This actually sparked an interesting thought with me about how this would apply to our health.  You hear stories every day about how someone battled a disease using the power of positivity but how exactly does that work?  Our bodies seem to have healing capabilities without us having to think about it.  So how does this apply to a serious disease?

Recently I had spoken to someone who felt that this was a very true statement.  Their theory was if you stay positive, live a healthy life style, keep negativity out of your life (stress) and exercise that you can defeat any disease that tries to come your way. 

They used the example of this is the actress Valerie Harper who is best known for her role as Rhoda Morgenstern on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”.  She was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer in 2009 that was in the form of a tumor. The doctors told her they had gotten all of it removed and that it hadn’t spread to any other areas of the body.  In the January 2013 she was hospitalized for what they believed was a stroke.  It turn out that the cancer from her lungs had now spread to the lining of her brain.  She was given a very bleak diagnosis and told she had three months to live.  Since then her doctors are now saying she is in remission.  Currently she is a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”.  She tells everyone she takes it day by day and that she is surrounded with so much love and positivity that it keeps her going.  I would say she is a great role model for us all on the power of the mind over the matter.

The lesson here is Valerie didn’t give into this and continues to defy the odds as doctors say by living a healthy life style, making sure she gets the nutrients she needs, keeping away any thoughts of defeat or negativity and excising to continue to increase her strength.  If she can fight this, then we can fight our health issues and rise above them.

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