Meditation Benefits for Digestion

Breathing exercises and meditation are becoming increasingly more popular as more benefits come to light that link the positive effects of the practice. Meditation has shown to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and help maintain a clear mind. Meditation has proven to be beneficial and linked to improving the overall quality of life.

One benefit of meditation that is coming to light is in regards to the stomach and specifically digestion. Meditation can do great things for stomach issues, and the search for natural remedies for digestive disorders such as those provided by AMP Floracel, are on the rise for those who are looking to naturally control their symptoms, coupled with meditation practices.

As we are learning more about the stomach and how it acts as a control center for mood and other brain functions, studies have established a strong link between stress and the gut. Stress can disrupt your stomach’s functions and be the cause of acid reflux. Reducing stress can offer relief for many symptoms associated with digestive disorders.

One study performed by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine examined the relationship between meditation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). After eight weeks, IBS symptoms were reduced among the mindfulness-based stress reduction group. Those who reduced their stress had a 26.4% drop in symptoms, which lasted well after the study was completed.

If you have been experiencing an increase in stomach related issues lately, you should take a look at your stress levels. Stress could be taking a toll on your stomach and meditation could be an all-natural remedy, as well as an aloe-based supplement to help coat your stomach and ease acid reflux.

AMP Floracel suggests steering clear of the antacid tablets in the medicine cabinet and try an all-natural and organic, Aloe Vera based supplement.  Then, find a quiet place to sit down for a few minutes in order to practice meditation to clear your mind and clam your stomach.

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