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Kiss Stress Goodbye, and In Turn Reduce IBS Symptoms

  • Kiss Stress Goodbye, and In Turn Reduce IBS Symptoms

    IBS symptoms

    Did you know that your mental state has an effect on your physical being? Maybe it has been a rough month at work, and your IBS symptoms are also acting up, but you assumed it was a poor coincidence. In reality, the two are connected. IBS is particularly common at times of stress or depression. This is because during prolonged periods of heightened emotional states, uncontrolled messages may be fired from the brain through the nervous system to the bowl, which may lead to uncoordinated contraction and relaxation of the muscle wall.
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    There Are No Cures, Only Remedies

    Because of the unknown origin of IBS, there is no cure. Remedies can only alleviate symptoms, and are effective in some patients but not in others. An effective way to control your IBS is to control your stress levels. There are a plethora of known stress relievers, but some offer greater results than others.
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    Light yoga is continuously proven to reduce stress. The combination of deep breathing techniques and poses allows your body to enter a relaxed state, and soon after your mind follows. Studies suggest that aromatherapy can be a good stress relief as well. Certain aromas, like lavender, have been consistently shown to reduce stress levels.
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    A few other great ways to remove stress are listening to music, laughing, drinking tea and exercising. Kissing your loved one, taking a walk, working on an art project and spending time with your pet are some other fun ways to reduce your stress. The most important factor in stress relief is finding something to take your mind off of the cause of your stress.
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    Another remedy that can help relieve your IBS symptoms is A.M.P. FLORACEL® , an all natural, non toxic way to keep your digestive tract healthy using aloe vera. Taking A.M.P. Floracel ®, an aloe powder, helps to distribute nutrients throughout the body. Because AMP Floracel is an all-natural product, no prescription is needed. The healing process can now begin.