Hustle and bustle of the holiday season

Now that the gift giving season is upon us do you ever stop to think about the gift of health?  Most of us take for granted when we feel good that day. While feeling great we may do things or eat things that we wouldn’t normally eat especially around the holidays. It could be something as simple as walking through the mall and smell warm cinnamon pretzels, fresh hot cookies or maybe even that rich smell of coffee that may temp you on a good day.

Another scenario may be you are out shopping for that perfect item for your loved ones, do you find that yourself scoping out where the restrooms are located before you start shopping? Don’t worry you are not alone.  For most of us with digestive issues this is a common practice.  We all take the gift of health or feeling better for granted.  We stop our normal daily rituals and do something differently.  You may find that it was ok this one time or may be the stress on your system was too much and you pay for it the next day if not immediately.  Whatever the case may be, try to anticipate the outcome before it happens. Make sure you are taking your supplements and or medications regularly even if you don’t think you need it that day. If you are running low make sure you have enough to get you through and not wait until the last minute to re order.  It can make the difference.  By sticking to a routine that your body is used to it may also help you to make safer choices for your day in advance and make use of the gift of health rather than take it for granted.

When using A.M.P. FLORACEL® remembers that it is an all-natural supplement.  This means that it isn’t intended to mask symptoms. Taking this regularly with a diet that suits your digestive needs could make the difference in how you’re feeling that day.

A.M.P. FLORACEL ® is an all natural, non toxic way to keep your digestive tract healthy. The way that it works is it absorbs into your intestines and flows through your bloodstream which can help distribute the nutrients throughout your body. (Every bone, muscle, gland tissue, and organ needs to absorb your nutrients properly). The healthy flora needs to thrive throughout your body and help to coat areas of the digestive tract that are infected, hurt, inflamed and/or bleeding. The healing process now can begin.

Researchers believe 90% of all diseases begin in the digestive tract due to improper digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients. In order for disorders and diseases of the digestive tract to recover, the immune system must be able to properly digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients. Without proper absorption of essential nutrients, the immune system is unable to ward off potential diseases or battle against existing conditions.

The key to a healthy digestive system and a healthy immune system is the oral ingestion of A.M.P. FLORACEL® this holiday season!

Happy Holiday Season from all of us here at A.M.P.FLORACEL ®!



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