How to Prevent Diabetes in Dogs?

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The prevalent metabolism disorder in dogs is known as diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes. It is a bodily malfunction where a dog cannot adequately turn sugar from food into energy.

Overtime, the sugar builds up in a dog’s bloodstream. Since the body cannot access the sugar, it becomes a threat to the dog’s organs and blood chemistry. Sugar diabetes most often affects the eyes, heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and nerves.

Effects of Diabetes in Dogs

– Seizures
– Kidney failure
– Enlarged liver
– Cataracts
– Ketoacidosis
– Urinary tract infections

As you take care of your pup, keep an eye out for symptoms of diabetes so that you can take necessary measures for preserving your dog’s optimal health.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Dog

– Increased appetite
– Increased urination
– Weight loss
– Excessive thirst
– Loss of appetite
– Low energy or fatigue
– Vomiting
– Depression

Developing diabetes is a serious health concern in your dog, but there are preventative steps you can take to keep your dog from developing the metabolism disorder. Follow along below to learn how to lower a dog’s blood sugar, to keep your dog healthy and diabetes-free.


How to Prevent Diabetes in Dogs?

  • Stay active
    Regular exercise helps avoid dramatic spikes in glucose levels, and moderate activity keeps metabolism turning and consistent. Let your dog out to play often and take long walks together once or twice a day.
  • Invest in high-quality dog food
    What your dog eats is as important as what you eat, so be sure to invest in high-quality dog food with high protein content. Consult with your veterinarian on the best food for your dog.
  • Don’t allow over-eating
    Over-eating leads to a slew of health problems for your dog, so it is imperative that you monitor your dog’s food intake. If you have more than one pup, feed them separately to avoid one dog taking the other’s food. During off-meal times, limit the amount of people food you share.
  • Try fresh fruits and veggies
    While you do not want to feed your dog too much human food, adding natural fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet can help improve blood sugar levels. Consult with your veterinarian on which fruits to add, how many, and how often.
  • Get female dogs spayed
    Female dogs are at greater risk of diabetes due to hormone fluctuations that have effects on high sugar levels. To help your female dog reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, get her spayed early on.
  • Try insulin injections
    In some cases, dog owners turn to insulin injections. You can make this a seamless part of your day, swiftly administering the shot of insulin each morning or afternoon. If you are worried about your dog feeling pain from the injection or are nervous about giving the shot, know that the process is quick, painless, and simple to do.


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While you are improving your dog’s health, take the opportunity to improve your health, too. Try supplementing your diet with aloe vera to optimize and improve your immune system so you can fight against future instances of diabetes and other health issues.

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