Is Your Dog Carrying Excess Weight? It’s Not Too Late to Help Out!

  • how to help your dog lose weight

There are many ways you can help get their health back on track and reach their optimal fitness. Follow the tactics below to help stimulate weight loss in your pup, and be sure to see a veterinarian to ensure no serious medical conditions are the cause of weight gain.

How to help your dog lose weight:

Avoid sharing food

It’s easy to feed your dogs together when you have more than one in the household, but not all pets need the same type and amount of food. If one of your dogs needs to trim down, feed your pups separately so that uneaten food isn’t being consumed by your overweight pup.

Consider other food in the house that your dog has access to, too. Are there other pets whose food your pup can get into easily? Is food left on the counter after meals? Are leftovers too generously shared? Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to reduce excess food intake around the home.

Eat less and move more

Dogs are subject to the same golden rules as we humans are. If you want to help your dog lose weight, exercise with them more. Discipline yourself to take your dog out every morning for a walk or commit to a routine that involves more exercise than is currently being done every day. Exercising your dog is dually beneficial, and it improves overall health in you both.

Meet nutrition requirements

By consistently meeting nutrition requirements, you can help curb your dog’s appetite, thereby reducing overall food intake. Adequate nutrition will keep your pup feeling fuller for longer while also improving metabolism and other bodily functions that aid in weight loss.

Count calories

Take no shame in counting your dog’s calories. This simple act is not an act of punishment; it is an act of logic and love. Depending on your dog’s size, health and lifestyle, the number of calories for optimal nutrition will vary. It’s important to know how much energy your dog needs for the day, especially when trying slim down.

Portion control

While you are getting your dog on a diet, use portion control to help the both of you get the most out of watching calories and intake. Measuring cups make it easy to distribute the right number of calories at each meal so that your dog can start losing weight at a controlled and healthy pace.

Skip treats

Treats have become an overindulgence in most human and dog lives. You can help your pup slim down and stay healthy by only offering treats as rewards for big exercises. Alternatively, you might opt to skip treats altogether, as the reward behavior can be habit forming and ultimately, detrimental to health.

Add dietary supplements

Supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids can treat conditions that might be contributing to your dog’s weight gain. Conditions range from a disease that are inhibiting bodily systems to joint pains and aches that lead to inactivity. Before you put your dog on any supplements, be sure to check with your veterinarian for contraindications, mixed medications and digestive health for your dog.

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Remember, your dog cannot take him or herself out for a walk or exert portion control in hopes of shedding a few pounds like you can. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to help your pup get back to a healthy lifestyle and get back the body your beautiful dog deserves.

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