The great benefits of Bananas for your tummy!

Diarrhea? Constipated? Lacking potassium? Have a banana!

Bananas, natures natural aid in helping with digestive issues.Bananas have been around since the beginning of time, many which have been used as a quick snack, baby food or even as a snack to many animals.The benefits of  bbananas are that they are high in fiber, a carbohydrate that helps regulate your digestive system. In fact research has shown that eating bananas may even reduce your risk for stomach cancer. the potassium in bananas can actually help you feel better when you’re stressed. High stress levels tend to deplete our bodies’ potassium, so eating a banana can help balance you out when your body exhausted due to stress, allowing you to bounce back faster and be happy again!


Bananas also contain pectin, which helps improve overall digestion and prevents constipation. pectin, a soluble polysaccharides that helps normalize the digestive tract is found in bananas. The high allowances of potassium in bananas can restock electrolytes that are effortlessly depleted when suffering from diarrhea and dehydration — potassium being an important electrolyte itself.
The potassium found in bananas has one side effect that comes as great news for our kidneys. When you get enough potassium, your body is less likely to lose calcium in your urine. That keeps your kidneys functioning at their prime while also reducing the risk of kidney stones. In general, eating fruits can be extremely beneficial when it comes to preventing kidney cancer. The reason? Bananas, have high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds, which help protect the kidneys.

Banana time anyone?

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