Foods You Shouldn’t Give to Your Pet During the Holidays

The holiday season is one where we tend to let go and indulge in the good things in life, and food is one of those things. However, a lot of pet owners don’t restrict this indulgence to themselves.They also let their pets eat foods they might not give them the rest of the year. Unfortunately, there are some foods that aren’t healthy for pets. Here are a few of the tops ones to avoid:

  • Macadamia nuts: it only takes about 6 macadamia nuts to seriously affect the health of a dog. When you combine that with chocolate, for example in a cookie, the results can often be fatal.
  • Grapes and raisins: the reasoning behind it isn’t understood, but grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. An early symptom will be vomiting. It’s important to note that even a small amount can potentially lead to death.
  • Yeast dough: the stomach or intestines of your pet can rupture from consumption of yeast dough. That’s because gas accumulates and the resulting pressure can be problematic.
  • Alcohol: it goes without saying that alcohol shouldn’t be given to pets, but if you ever consider doing it as an innocent joke then reconsider. The toxicity of even a small volume of alcohol can be life threatening to small pets.


Dog stealing woman's toast

If you notice your pet having trouble digesting during the holidays or any time of the year, think back to what you may be feeding them. In addition, AMP Floracel offers great solutions for those pets who have a harder time digesting.


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