Crohns Disease in Dogs: How to Help Your Furry Best Friend

Crohn’s disease doesn’t only affect humans, it could also affects your pets! Although Crohns disease in dogs isn’t curable, you can still manage it so that your furry best friend can live a happy and fun life.

Causes of Crohn’s Disease

Dogs with Crohn’s disease have inflamed stomach lining and intestinal lining. There are inflammatory cells that get attached to the digestive tract, but it is not known where the cells come from. There may be hereditary causes involved, but there are certain foods that may cause Crohn’s disease as well. It is believed that infections or internal parasites may also cause Crohn’s disease.

Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

Dogs with Crohn’s disease will vomit and they will also have diarrhea. However, if only the lower part of the bowel is affected, your dog will have diarrhea and will be less likely to vomit. If the upper digestive tract is inflamed, vomiting will happen frequently. Your dog will be weak, as he/she won’t get a sufficient amount of nutrients due to the chronic vomiting and the diarrhea. Consequently, he may sleep more and play less.

Crohn’s Disease Management

The vet will prescribe a few anti inflammatory drugs that should be administered on a regular basis. If the vet finds an infection or intestinal parasites, these will be removed with suitable treatment. Your dog should avoid spicy foods and foods that are rich in fats. There are several prescription diet options that may be administered. The vet may recommend a few food trials and you will have to monitor the dog’s reactions. Once a diet that agrees with your dog’s system is found, this should be kept for life.

Crohn’s Disease Prognosis

A dog affected by Crohn’s disease should be constantly monitored. Even during treatment the dog may continue having cramps and diarrhea. Diarrhea can be serious and may lead to dehydration. Dogs with Crohn’s disease will often be lethargic and underweight because nutrients cannot be properly absorbed. The vet may recommend a few supplements that will help the dog maintain his weight and have a better appetite.

How A.M.P. Floracel® Can Help Your Dog

A.M.P. Floracel® offers a natural supplement for dog’s suffering from Crohn’s. A.M.P. Floracel®’s molecules absorb into your dogs bloodstream, reducing inflammation and helping distribute nutrients throughout your pet’s body. This is how aloe prevents digestive disorders and begins the healing process, allowing the healthy flora to thrive which aids in proper digestion. Digestive diseases are not just uncomfortable for your dog and an inconvenience for you, they can also lead to future health problems. A.M.P. Floracel® helps prevent current and future diseases.

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