Celiac Disease: Conclusions Drawn From Studies Of Children



Celiac disease (gluten intolerance) leaves suffers no choice but to follow a gluten-free diet for the remainder of their lives. Continuing research into this area can help come up with alternative solutions to the problem. Here are some conclusions that were drawn from recent studies involving small children:



  • Celiac disease among Swedish children of up to 2 years of age was found to be much more common when in excess of 5g of gluten was consumed per day. Overall it was found that those with celiac disease ate more gluten.
  • The study was performed on children from Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the USA. It was found that the autoimmunity that leads to celiac disease is highest in Swedish children. This is inlined with what is thought to be the leading cause of celiac disease –family genes.
  • The length of time of breastfeeding, and start/end points were studied. Also, the type of foods children ate after breastfeeding were studied, as the norms tend to be different in the varying countries. There was no apparent link with regards to this data and celiac disease.
  • Finally, the specific start time of the introduction of gluten for a child had no link to the chances of developing celiac disease.


Carin Andrén Aronsson, a dietitian and doctoral student at Lund University said: “Our findings indicate that the amount of gluten triggers the disease. We have also observed that the dietary habits among the children we studied vary from one country to another, and that there are reasons to analyze the significance of this variation more closely. More in-depth studies could perhaps contribute to explaining why Swedish children develop celiac disease earlier than children in other countries. The timing of the introduction of gluten, on the other hand, does not seem to be of great significance. We conducted a very extensive study which confirms similar conclusions from previous, smaller studies.”

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