The Best Foods For Your Belly

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Although bloating, gas and constipation can be the result of some serious health conditions, many people experience this type of discomfort due to poor eating habits. Although many of these symptoms can be prevented, here are some foods that will get you feeling better when you can’t avoid an upset stomach.

Ginger:  Ginger aids digestion, reduces inflammation and alleviates heartburn. It is very antiseptic, helping get rid of parasites as it relaxes and soothe the intestinal track, a great solution for cramping and pain.

Fennel: Chewing the seeds or making a tea will stimulate a secretion of digestive juices, reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestines and help your body absorb nutrients better.

Peppermint: This cooling plant will literally soothe your stomach, relieving heartburn, indigestion and bloating. Menthol (the active ingredient in peppermint) is both a carminative (reduces gas) and antispasmodic (reduces cramps). It is also well known for reducing nausea.

Cumin: Cumin seeds can be made into teas that are known to help secrete enzymes in the pancreas to aid digestion and the proper absorption of nutrients.

Black Pepper:  Black pepper reduces inflammation and helps stimulate production of enzymes and digestive juices. It has also been used to treat diarrhea in India and parts of Africa for hundreds of years.

Bananas:  Bananas are easy to digest, and the pectin they contain can help firm up loose stools.

Papaya: Papaya contains enzymes called papain and chymopapain that help digestion and encourage normal bowel movements.


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