5 IBS Myths

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is difficult to understand, even for the millions of individuals who have it. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the illness, as well as the best ways to treat it. A.M.P Floracel offers a 100% natural and organic supplement that naturally treats the symptoms of IBS, as well as many other symptoms caused by digestive disorders and auto-immune diseases. When there is confusion surrounding disorders such as IBS, it is easy for misconceptions about a condition to sound like facts. A.M.P Floracel aims to eliminate any confusion possible, whether it is in regards to the benefits of natural Aloe Vera supplements or in regards to IBS.

Here are 5 common myths about IBS:

  • Myth 1: IBS is all in your head.

Experts do not know exactly what causes IBS; however, they do know that stress and depression can make symptoms of IBS worse. That does not mean that it is a psychiatric illness, it is not caused by emotions or thoughts.

  • Myth 2: IBS and Lactose intolerance are the same thing.

Lactose intolerance is when your body cannot digest lactose, a natural sugar that is found in dairy products. With IBS there is no single food to blame. Eliminating lactose to reduce IBS symptoms works for some individuals, but not others.

  • Myth 3: IBS is not a big deal.

The symptoms that people can suffer from when they have IBS, such as severe gas and terrible pain, can affect their career, relationships, and any aspect of their lives – making it a big deal.

  • Myth 4: Only drastic dieting can ease IBS.

Diet changes can make a difference, but they do not work for everyone. Proper diet coupled with natural supplements that treat IBS can be extremely effective in easing IBS symptoms.

  • Myth 5: IBS can lead to serious health problems like cancer.

IBS has no relation to cancer, and even though IBS has symptoms similar to that of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), they are two different conditions.

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