What Does Aloe Vera Taste Like

What Does Aloe Vera Taste Like? How to Make It Taste Better?

On your run to the store, you’ve probably noticed a lot of refreshing sodas that contain aloe vera. With a multitude of herbs and fruits that are added to the mix, they offer a refreshing taste and promise a healthy kick for your body. But what if we go a step back and decide to make our own fresh aloe vera beverage? What does aloe vera taste like in the first place? Knowing the plant and how to extract the gel are starting points, but I bet you’ve  wondered about the actual taste and how to get the best from aloe vera. We will try to answer the most common questions on drinking aloe vera and how to improve the taste.

Aloe Vera Taste

Cutting aloe vera plant immediately shows us the transparent gel within. Clarity and density of the gel that  can notice right away tell us little of the taste itself. If you’ve been surfing online in an attempt to learn what to expect you have probably encountered testimonies saying it’s bitter, tangy and somewhat tart. In most cases, consumers will experience some sort of bitterness at least and somewhat plant-ish kick to the taste. But many other testimonies also indicate is that the aloe vera plant is mild and has a tolerable, fairly neutral taste. This is good news as you can always work with neutral ingredients and improve their taste for everyday use. So what does aloe taste like? Rely on your senses and give it a go. Cut a fresh plant of aloe vera leaf and prepare a beverage. Once you’ve scaled your tolerance to the taste you can then proceed to build the recipes you like best!

Choose the Right Plant

If you are lucky enough and have enough space to cultivate your aloe vera, you can always choose the youngest, freshest leaves for your beverages. Choosing in the store you won’t be able to tell by simply looking, so it’s technically luck of the draw If and when you get to choose the younger plant guarantees better flavor. Also, avoid shriveled and dried out leaves. Thicker, healthier-looking ones are carrying more gel and are surely healthy so nothing will impair their taste in that department.Aloe Vera, fresh lemon and honey

How to Make Aloe Vera Juice Taste Better?

Bitter ingredients in recipes are always best countered with acidic counterparts. Which is why the improvement of your aloe vera juice can happen with a little help of citruses: lemons, oranges or limes. The powerful acidic kick will not only negate the bitter aloe taste but turn your drink into a super refreshing and healthy beverage. Mint, a bit of honey, some cranberry soda or fresh fruits such as apples, pears, and peaches can all improve the taste of aloe vera. If you don’t mind some sweetness added to the mix, these are perfect choices for you. It’s always best to experiment and create mixes per your liking. Some even like adding cucumber which adds freshness to the flavor, and although it’s not exactly opposite like lemon, it complements aloe’s taste nicely.

Aloe Vera Supplements

You can enjoy the benefits of aloe vera without going through the pain of cultivation or extraction of the gel every day. Organic aloe vera capsules and aloe vera powder are perfect for everyday use, mixed with water or other ingredients, conveniently prepared with no mess in the process. Our products are enriched with the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP) molecule, all-natural, anti-oxidative power-plant that will help your immune system reaching its full potential. Mix them in with your favorite fruits and enjoy!

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