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Lecture by Dr. Ivan Danhof PhD., MD.

A 35 Minute Lecture by Dr. Ivan Danhof PhD., MD. on the therapeutic component in Aloe Vera

The following highlights you’ll learn about, are discussed in his lecture:

    • Benefits of Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides (AMP) for Immune and Digestive Systems.
    • Four Different Sizes of AMP Chains vs. Mechanisms & Beneficiaries
      1. Small Chains – Anti-Inflammation, Colitis & Arthritis
      2. Medium Chains – Heart & Arteries , Antioxidants
      3. Large Chains – Anti-bacterial and Anti-Viral
      4. Very Large Chains – Improve & Support Immune System:

– Healing properties
– Attracts white Cells
– Release Chemo Tactic Factor
– Release Tumor Necrosis Factor
– Aloe & Digestive Tract Healing
– Increase natural Killer Cells