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3 Benefits of Natural Supplements

When we feel a little under the weather, we usually head to the pharmacy section to buy over-the-counter medicines. It turns out, natural supplements are an effective alternative when it comes to treating common, mild ailments. From acne to upset stomachs to overall immune health, supplements take down lots of everyday health annoyances.

Your Skin Feels Better

Using OTC medicines to treat acne or dry skin sometimes have the opposite effect you want. Harsh chemicals like unknown fragrances in these products can cause skin irritation and extra dryness. For acne, dilute tea tree oil with water and apply it to the red spots. This natural antiseptic will help with the bacteria that causes acne. To treat dry skin, go with olive oil or coconut oil instead of lotion.

Your Digestion Improves

Many common digestive problems either happen or worsen due to an unbalanced diet. Instead of turning to medicine, turn to nature to help fix the issue. Mint and ginger, for example, will naturally calm an upset stomach. Natural aloe supplement AMP Floracel uses compounds present in the Aloe Vera plant. This supplement helps promote healthy gut bacteria growth, which helps your immune system and your overall digestive health.

Your Immune System Gets a Boost

Crushed garlic contains organosulfur compounds, and the specific compounds found in garlic are beneficial to your immune system in a long list of ways. Studies show that garlic’s compounds may have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic is a known natural antibiotic, so taking it gives you a small immune boost.

Medicine is a handy tool when we truly need it, but too many people use it when it’s not necessary. Next time you’re facing a mild ailment, try a natural supplement. Introduce a few into your daily routine to boost your immune system, and enjoy feeling healthier overall.

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